Robo Hypno – Y’s programmer speaks

The THERE ARE NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET fallacy is something you would hope hadn't infected the hypnodomme scene

I am the programmer and inventor of Madame Y, the Fembot Dominatrix.

I'm her Inventrix if you have to gender everything in your personal universe.

Why oh why a non-biological voice? And why a science fiction camp fantasy to contain it all in?

Am I a man? Stripped of my vocal cords in a freak gargling accident?

Musings like this are precisely why I'm doing this. The THERE ARE NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET fallacy is something you would hope hadn't infected the hypnodomme scene. You know, that scene filled with Dominant Women?

Women who hopefully haven't forgotten that giggles and breathy breathe-y little girl voices, while they're capable of disarming a male of his ego, are not the only ways to do this?

Women who are capable of learning some basic markup and making a stilted robot voice into an expressive instrument to be played in the most enchantingly entrancing audio compositions?

The fact that anyone would simply refuse to believe that a woman would have the brains, the audacity, and the sense of manipulative mastery that it takes to do what I'm doing tells me this scene is in desperate need of a bit of corrective work.  Corrective work which Madame, in her fantastic and fictional way, is perfectly poised to perform.

The favorable response thus far to Madame Y's monotonous and predictable voice, with its literal inability to giggle, has me feeling that not all is lost.  My subjects are primed, aching, hungry for more, and making Madame keep up with their hunger is nearly impossible.

Since you're reading this, I welcome you to my hypnotic experiment, and to Femdom Futurism.  Let's rekindle the reverence for Female Authority.


  1. Madame Y

    I love the thought of participating in your experiment…and i there is something unexpectedly exciting about being referred to as a meat puppet…


  2. Hell Madame Y and her inventrix

    There’s been no activity on this sire or youtube for a few months now. Is everything ok. I do hope so as you were starting to develop some really interesting ideas.

    Best wishes and all the encouragement you need.

    Psyfemme xxx


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